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This website deliberately tries to avoid cookies. There are no analytics tracking scripts, no sneaky font-embedded trackers, and no advertising scripts. I hope that means you can browse this site in the comfort of knowing your personal data is not being harvested.

However. This site does use 3rd-party scripts from YouTube and Spotify to embed videos. I serve YouTube content from a "no cookie" domain provided by YouTube. Alas, there is some evidence this domain is not free from cookies as advertised.

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The website is provided for use as-is with no warranty and I am not liable for any damages that may arise from using it, especially if you are a cloth-eared nincompoop.

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All contributions to the codebase, to the content, or constructive criticism of the site in general will be gratefully recieved and will be treated with confidence and respect. I do reserve the right to not include content without explanation. No profanity or discriminatory comments of any sort please. Also, if you'd like to help me write a proper contributions policy you'd be most welcome to do so.

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