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Well hello there.

This is the first post on our blog. I hope this will be an exciting journey for everyone who visits the site, as it has been for me creating it.

My vision for this project was to provide somewhere for a new generation of potential fans to discover Mike's work, and I really hope that it proves to be that place. But I also hope it's somewhere for the existing community of fans to be able to explore Mike's work in more depth, in the hopes that they too can become lifelong fans.

I've been listening to Mike's work for over 20 years. But personally, I still feel like there's more to discover about it. When I joned the facebook community, I was surprised at how many live recordings and obscure tracks were being mentioned by other members. I've since discovered another layer to my interest in this extremely talented artist.

I hope that through this website you also discover more about Mike Oldfield.

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Featured Discovery

Recently voted by fans on the Mike Oldfield Facebook page as their favourite album of all time, Ommadawn is undoubtably Mike Oldfield at his best.

This short excerpt is a stirring introduction to the much longer original work. We've also added a bonus: listen to a selection of work from the recently released "Return to Ommadawn"

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