Songs of the Sun

The first track on Mike Oldfield's album "Voyager" is the focus of this Discovery. Mike Oldfield isn't known for covering tracks by other artists, but when he does he brings a totally different perspective on the music than you might have heard before.

"Song of the Sun" is no different. A cover of Spanish folk band Luar na Lubre's "O Son do Ar", the track adds an up tempo beat to the original track and makes me think about the charachter of the "voyager" of the album.

The original is a more meditative, slower instrumental piece that has some delightful turns and dramatic twist two-thirds of the way in.

The band, Luar na Lubre, are on good terms with Oldfield, have accompanied him on tours, and in my opinion are really worth listening to.

This track was covered in the Voyager album. I've also added another cover of the song that was made for the video game "Braid", another unique take on this delightful melody.

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