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Songs of the Sun

The first track on Mike Oldfield's album "Voyager" is the focus of this Discovery. A cover of Spanish folk band Luar na Lubre's "O Son do Ar", it's a unique blend of folk and Mike's use of tempo to bring added dimension to an already superb composition.

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Islands Collection

On isolated islands, far from modern, urban civilisation, are where Mike Oldfield seems most at home musically.

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Ibiza Collection

Moving to Ibiza, Mike's influences widened into Spanish and specifically club music.

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After a run of unique, long-form albums starting with Tubular Bells and finishing with Incantations, Mike began to experiment with shorter music

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Rock Out

This Discovery showcases Mike's finest rock tunes, with screaming guitar solos, compelling lyrics and striking vocals.

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The New Age

The resurgence of the "New Age" style of music in the early 1990's saw Mike's music take another turn.

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Mike Oldfield: Genesis

This long playlist collects Mike Oldfield's first 4 albums of longer pieces, exploring themes and structures that Tubular Bells first sets out to discover.

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Etude / Memories of the Alhambra

Rather than use his fine guitar skills to reproduce this classical work, Mike goes a step further to create this fascinating ethereal, otherworldly tune.

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Inspirations: Philip Glass' North Star

This Discover showcases the title track from Glass' North Star alongside the Platinum finale.

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Ibiza Influences

This Discovery helps you find out more about Mike's Ibiza years.

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Classical Mike Oldfield

Never one to be pigeon-holed into one genre or another, here are some of Mike's outstanding classical works.

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Recent News

Recent news about Mike Oldfield from the press and sites around the web.

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