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Return to Ommadawn

Return to Ommadawn

Mike takes us back to the mysterious place and time of Ommadawn. Meet old friends and travel familiar pathways into dense forests and overgrown ravines where you wandered years before. But Ommadawn isn't the same ... war looms with invaders from the North marching on us. Ommadawn might be familiar, but it is changed forever when you return.

Year Published: 2017

Man on the Rocks

Man on the Rocks

A catharthic departure from the entirely classical "Music of the Spheres", Man on the Rocks sees Mike partner with vocalist Luke Spiller to produce this heavy rock album with moving themes, from a relative's experience in World War 1 to reflections on the devastation caused by Hurricane Irene, which hit the Bahamas in 2011.

Year Published: 2014

Music of the Spheres
Light and Shade
Tubular Bells 2003
Tres Lunas
The Millennium Bell

The Millennium Bell

The main theme of The Millennium Bell is the view on the two thousand years after the birth of Jesus of Nazareth through series of single episodes describing important moments in history, as well as different aspects of humanity. The album is eclectic in style, ranging from majestic choruses and soundtrack-esque orchestral passages through New Age sonic textures and ethnic sounds to strong pulse of electronic percussion. (_Wikipedia_)

Year Published: 1999

Tubular Bells 3


Heavily influenced by the native cultures of coastal Europe, Voyager features a number of arrangements of traditional music, along with some original compositions and one cover track. Very little vocals features on this tranquil and evocative work.

Year Published: 1996

The Songs of Distant Earth
Tubular Bells 2
Heaven's Open

Heaven's Open

Mike's final commercial album, consisting of outstanding tracks "Heaven's Open" and "Gimmie Back", as well as the longer track "Music from the Balcony". Eavesdrop on partially-heard conversations in this meander through suburbia.

Year Published: 1991

Earth Moving


Travel around isolated atolls and rocky outcrops in this evocative journey through isolated places surrounded by sea. Continuing the trend of short, vocal-led tracks alongside a longer instrumental track, both remain strong contenders as fan favourites.

Year Published: 1987



An anathema to the purposefully loud rock sounds of Crises, Discovery focuses on calmer waters. Whilst some composers can make their instruments sound like emotions, Mike shows his talent for making instruments sound like light reflected off water in the delightful 20-minute track The Lake.

Year Published: 1984

The Killing Fields


A tense album with sublime moments, Crises produced 4 outstanding singles (Mistake, Moonlight Shadow, Shadow on the Wall, In High Places) as well as the title track, a 20-minute journey through a series of stressful experiences punctuated by sublime reflections. "Moonlight Shadow" remains one of Mike's most played singles.

Year Published: 1983

Five Miles Out

Five Miles Out

Five Miles Out is the seventh record album by Mike Oldfield, released at a time when his music was moving away from large-scale symphonic pieces towards a more accessible pop style. Climb a mountain in Tenerife, experience a terrifying airplane flight, and discover Mike's striking vocals in this album which produced 2 singles.

Year Published: 1982



The first Mike Oldfield album to incorporate a slightly more traditional rock music structure, this is a fast-paced album that begs to be played loud. Fast percussion, even faster electric guitars, and strong vocals feature on an album that also contains the 20-minute title track, which feels like a celebration of Mike's work so far.

Year Published: 1979



Developing musical ideas that take you to the tribes of the American plains, to a royal gala at Versailles, and into space, Incantations is "one of the most hypnotic pieces ever recorded, blending elements of progressive rock, classical and ambient music with a very sophisticated structure and [a] magical atmosphere" according to fan Samuel Francis.

Year Published: 1978



Discover strange lands populated by tribes with ancient cultures, travel deep into forests and ravines. Lose yourself among stone ruins overwhelmed by trees, rivers, and inhabited by strange creatures. Ommadawn isn't a place, or a time, but sometimes it feels like both.

Year Published: 1975

Hergest Ridge
Tubular Bells

Featured Discovery

Recently voted by fans on the Mike Oldfield Facebook page as their favourite album of all time, Ommadawn is undoubtably Mike Oldfield at his best.

This short excerpt is a stirring introduction to the much longer original work. We've also added a bonus: listen to a selection of work from the recently released "Return to Ommadawn"

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