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Visionary composer Mike Oldfield has changed the landscape of music forever with his album Tubular Bells in 1973. Since then, he has composed, produced and performed more than 20 amazing rock, classical, and folk, albums that continue to inspire people around the world.

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Recently voted by fans on the Mike Oldfield Facebook page as their favourite album of all time, Ommadawn is undoubtably Mike Oldfield at his best.

This short excerpt is a stirring introduction to the much longer original work. We've also added a bonus: listen to a selection of work from the recently released "Return to Ommadawn"

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The Classical Mike Oldfield

Some of Mike's most sublime creations are his classical works. From the recent hit album, Music of the Spheres, to the little-known and underappreciated wonder Mont St Michael, here are a few classical selections to get your ears tingling ...

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Ibiza Influences

Inspired by the nightclub scene in his then home of Ibiza, this Discovery showcases some of Mike's best work that has been influenced and inspired by dance, trance and house music.

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Mike's early music inspired a generation, because it was so unexpected, new and original. Mike was only 19 when he recorded the hit album Tubular Bells. He went on to create four more albums in this vein, all of them spectacularly original.

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Elements of Mike Oldfield

The concept of ‘Elements’ groups Mike’s music into several categories which we hope wil help you discover more of his work.

Whilst it’s really impossible to segment any artists’ work in such a stringent way, we wanted to find a way to make Mike Oldfield’s music more accessible to an audience unfamiliar with his work.

Each ‘Element’ takes a group of albums that seem to share some familiar qualities and tone. For example, Mike Oldfield’s first 3 albums (“Tubular Bells”, “Hergest Ridge” and “Ommadawn”) have a similar musical structure and tone of voice.

So these albums we refer to as the “dawn” series.',

Concert Recordings

Selected from the Mike Oldfield fan community, these 3 recordings showcase the fan's favourite concert recordings.

Recent News

Recent news about Mike Oldfield from the press and sites around the web.

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